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Cr. 142/5 "Bull and MD"(Marcus Durmius?) series Æ Sextans, 189-180 B.C.

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Roman Republic Æ Sextans(6.5g, 19mm). Anonymous(Marcus Durmius?), 189-180 BC. Rome mint. Head of Mercury right wearing winged Petasos, •• above / Prow of galley right; bull standing right and MD above, •• before, ROMA below. Crawford 142/5, Sydenham 299d; Russo RBW 633.

Very scarce

Ex Andrew McCabe collection, ex RBW Collection(privately purchased from Goodman), ex Goodman Collection(CNG 45, lot 1333, unsold)

This is a very scarce type from a period where sextantes were minted in only very small numbers. Also of interest about this coin is that it very clearly illustrates the two-part molds used to cast the flans of these coins. You can see the casting sprue at 7 o'clock on the obverse and 4 o'clock on the reverse and to each side of if, the lip created by the separation of the two sides of the mold.