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Imitative AR denarius, uncertain group, uncertain prototypes, circa 1st Century B.C.

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Imitations of Roman Republic coinage, unknown group, uncertain prototypes, AR Denarius(18.5mm, 2.92g, 12h). 1st century B.C.. Laureate head right(perhaps Apollo or Jupiter?)/Uncertain figure(perhaps Mars?) in quadriga(or triga?) right, holding shield in left hand. Blundered, probably meaningless legend("VKNOISF"?) below.

Ex Agora 74, 6/5/2018, lot 2, ex RBW Collection, privately purchased from Bill Verres, 9/20/2002

This imitation is a bit of an enigma, I'm not even certain of the prototypes, though L. Postumius Albinus(Cr. 252/1) and C. Licinius L.f. Macer(Cr. 354/1) are the best candidates I can come up with for the reverse devices of a figure holding a shield in a quadriga but neither of these match the obverse and there are too many possibilities "laureate head right" types to even hazard much of a guess. Most likely this is an amalgam of various Roman types, perhaps even a case where the actual prototypes were earlier imitations rather than official denarii.



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