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Cf. Cr 287/1 Anon issue of 115/114 B.C., Geto-Dacian imitation

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Imitations of Roman Republic coinage, Geto-Dacians, AR denarius(3.72g, 21mm), after 115/114 B.C.. Imitating anonymous issue of circa 115/114 B.C.. Head of Roma right; behind, X and "OMA"(sic) / Roma seated right on pile of shields, holding spear; birds in flight to upper left and right; to lower right, she-wolf standing right, head left, suckling the twins Romulus and Remus. Cf. Crawford 287/1 for prototype; Davis, website class A, group Ib, Geto-Dacian Monetary Copies, C45(these dies) & Davis "A New Hoard of Denarii Imitations" 20(these dies)

Privately purchased August 2018

This interesting imitation is from a class of imitations that Maria Chitescu and later Phil Davis referred to as "Monetary Copies". These coins faithfully reproduce their prototypes(though not always 100% accurately) via transfer dies or well-engraved new dies. This coin has lost the wings on the helmet as well as the "R" of ROMA on the obverse but otherwise copies the prototype well.