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Cr. 372/2 A. Postumius A.f. Sp.n. Albinus AR serrate denarius, 81 BC, Rome mint

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Roman Republic A. Postumius A.f. Sp.n. Albinus. AR Denarius serratus (18mm, 3.72g), 81 BC, Rome mint. Head of Hispania right, wearing veil; behind, HISPAN downwards. Border of dots / Togate figure with right hand raised, standing between legionary eagle and fasces with axe around, A • POST • A • F • S • N • ALBIN. Border of dots. Crawford 372/2; Sydenham 746; Postumia 8; Russo RBW 1393.

Ex CNG e-Auction 355, lot 459, July 2015. Sold without provenance but later found to be ex Auktionshaus H. D. Rauch GmbH Summer Auction 2008, lot 317, September 15 2008 via ACSearch.

This is one of the Republican types where a moneyer celebrated the achievements of a famous ancestor. According to Crawford, the reverse "Combining a togate figure on one hand with an eagle and the fasces on the other hand, perhaps simply alludes to civilian and military imperium; taken with the obverse type the reference is doubtless to the Spanish command of L. Postumius Albinus"(Crawford, RRC p. 389). The L. Postumius Albinus referenced was an ancestor of this moneyer who was praetor in 180 BC and given the province of Hispania Ulterior and after conquering two of the tribes there triumphed in 178 BC before being elected consul in 173 BC.