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Cr. 191/3 "VAL"/Valeria series Æ triens, 169-158 BC

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Roman Republic Æ Triens(21mm, 7.29g), "VAL" series(Valerius?), 169-158 BC. Helmeted head of Minerva right; above, •••• / Prow right with peaked deck structure; VAL monogram above; •••• before; ROMA below. Crawford 191/3; Sydenham 356b; Babelon Valeria 3; Russo RBW 818.

Very rare.

This coin was sold attributed as a "BAL" triens but I was quite certain when I saw it that there was no evidence of a B. The left side of the "V" in VAL is very faint, however this triens is a reverse(and possibly obverse) die match to at least two others I have found, one of which has a very clear "VAL", so the attribution is correct.