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Cr. 92/1b Anonymous victoriatus, 211-208 B.C., Uncertain mint(traditionally, Croton)

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Roman Republic AR Victoriatus(3.12g, 5h). Anonymous(style of "CROT" series). ca. 211-208 B.C., uncertain mint(traditionally, Croton). Laureate head of Jupiter right. Border of dots / Victory standing right, crowning trophy with wreath. ROMA in exergue. Line border. Crawford 92/1b

This interesting anonymous victoriatus is in the style of the rare Cr. 92/1a "CROT" victoriatus but is missing the "CROT" on the reverse. Additionally, the style of the trophy differs in that on the signed coins, the trophy has greaves whereas on all the anonymous examples, the trophy has a skirt. Obviously the examples are linked and seem to have been cut by the same engraver but how can we account for the small differences? I think one issue(probably the smaller unsigned issue) was minted first and then, perhaps months later, another batch of coins were needed and the same engravers were used but were possibly given a prototype with a different style trophy than before.


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