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Ancient coins in the collection of Jordan Montgomery, focused on the Roman Republic and related series. The attributions and information are all verified to the best of my ability but, if I have made a mistake, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to rectify it. For more information about the reference works listed, a bibliography is provided. Additionally, this site is made available purely for informational purposes and none of the coins are currently for sale.

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This album covers the post-Second Punic War period where Rome, in her new position of influence, found herself in conflict with many neighbors around the Mediterranean. With the denominations largely set and the numerous mints of the Second Punic War rolling up into the main Rome mint with only sporadic minting in the field, some call this period boring. While it is true that for a few decades, much about the coinage is set in stone and formulaic, some moneyers begin experimenting with more personal designs and it is during this period that we see variety dramatically expand such that by the Social War, the set designs of a century earlier are no more and we see a great variety of customized, personal designs.