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Cr. 63/6 C "Cornelius" Æ sextans, 211 B.C., Sardinian mint

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Roman Republic Æ Sextans(2.35g, 19mm). L Cornelius Lentulus, Praetor of Sardinia, 211 BC. Sardinian mint. Head of Mercury right; above, two pellets / Prow right; above, ROMA; before, C; two pellets below. Crawford 63/6

Purchased from Sam Sloat 1/13/2018 at NYINC 2018

This is one of the few instances where an early Roman Republic coin can be tied to a specific year because the Sardinian Praetors of 211-209 BC are recorded as Cornelius, Manlius and Aurunculeius and conveniently a series of 3 issues, each of similar style and fabric, commonly overstruck on Sardo-Punic and primarily found on Sardinia, are mint marked with C, MA and AVR. This sextans is from the 'C' series, thought to have been struck under Sardinian Praetor of 211 B.C., L Cornelius Lentulus. See here for an example of the related AVR issue of Caius Aurunculeius Cotta, Sardinian Praetor of 209 B.C..


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