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Ancient coins in the collection of Jordan Montgomery, focused on the Roman Republic and related series. The attributions and information are all verified to the best of my ability but, if I have made a mistake, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to rectify it. For more information about the reference works listed, a bibliography is provided. Additionally, this site is made available purely for informational purposes and none of the coins are currently for sale.

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anonymous apollo aquila arch aretas as ass avr axe bead.and.reel.border biga bird boar bow bronze C.SAX CA caduceus carnyx club cn.gel column columna.minucia concordia corn.ear crescent cupid denarius denarius.serratus diana dioscuri dog dolphin dragon elephant equestrian.statue Eravisci ex.fallani ex.goodman ex.jd ex.knobloch ex.mccabe ex.rbw ex.rindge ex.tony.hardy ex.vecchi.3 fasces female.head first.punic.war gaius.publilius galley gaul genius gens.aemilia gens.aurunculeia gens.calpurnia gens.claudia gens.cornelia gens.durmia gens.fonteia gens.furia gens.gellia gens.hosidia gens.julia gens.junia gens.manlia gens.minucia gens.naevia gens.opeimia gens.papia gens.pinaria gens.plautia gens.pomponia gens.postumia gens.procilia gens.servilia gens.valeria gens.vibia globe goat gpr grain.ear gryphon H helmet hercules hispania horse horseman hound iis imitative imperatorial interesting.provenance janus julius.caesar juno.sospita jupiter L leg.xv legionary.eagle ligature lituus luna macedon marc.antony mars MAT mccabe.a1 mccabe.a2 mccabe.j1 mercury minerva modius monogram NAT octavian olive.branch overstruck palm.branch palm.frond petasos pilei pileus post.semilibral pre.denarius provincial prow quadrans quadriga quaestor quinarius quiver rare roma romano.campanian rudder s SAFRA saturn SC sceptre second.triumvirate semis semuncia serpent sestertius sextans she-wolf shell shield silver social.war sow spear spearhead spearhead.up staff standard thunderbolt thyrsus togate.figure triens triga trophy twins uncia V VAL variant vejovis venus very.rare very.scarce victoriatus victory warrior wreath x xvi